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Develop Content that Matters

Adoption requires engaging content that is measured, adjusted and tuned to meet the needs of your users.

At Bright Affect, we offer a wide range of content services, including copywriting, technical writing, user manuals and quick reference guides, through to the development of studio grade video and interactive eLearning modules.

Our first step is to understand your requirements, which will include your objectives and target audience. From here, we can provide a ‘menu’ of content options that will address your needs and the needs of your audiences.

We also possess a multi-lingual capability, with a proven track record of delivering a variety of content in different languages.

We use an agile approach to developing content. Starting with understanding and documenting your requirements, we ensure we build in regular check points for review and input.

We believe in working in a collaborative way, involving you in our development process so that long before you receive the content, you already know what the final product will look like.

We are constantly looking for innovative and new ways to deliver material to optimise engagement with the content, whilst balancing this against the objective of the piece.

We help keep your people learning, growing, performing

We offer a wide range of services – throughout your organisation, throughout its development

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