Engaging your students, and enhancing learning outcomes

Training guaranteed to stimulate your teams and develop new skills that stick!

Often considered late in any project, training can be an undervalued but highly powerful tool for delivering real and lasting change.

Successful training should be both effective and memorable. At Bright Affect, we’re not ‘just trainers’. Our experience spans the entire IT Project lifecycle from requirements gathering to Change Management and testing.

It’s this holistic experience that drives us to deliver effective training. In our view, working with a training provider that not only understands the process but has been involved in it at every stage, drives much more effective outcomes for users and organisations.

At Bright Affect we specialise in delivering a combination of training programmes to suit individual Company needs. Experience has taught us that our methods of training are in sync with the modern learner and we are able to deliver whatever type of content they need from the traditional classroom style to more sophisticated and involving e-learning. This ranges from embedded training videos and guided access learning to gamification that can enhance the employees engagement.

Your company needs great quality learning, we pull together well tested methodologies and modern technology to bring your teams the most effective learning experience, that delivers change, confidence and adoption.

We help keep your people learning, growing, performing

We offer a wide range of services – throughout your organisation, throughout its development

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