Adoption is the Key!

All our solutions are aimed at user adoption and helping you get drive the most value from your technology investment.

Better Never Stops

A range of complementary services from Change Management to Training and Support, all focussed on achieving your adoption goals.

What is adoption? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is ‘Choosing or starting to use something new’. Inherent in this definition is the word new, implying change. All too often, the most important part of the adoption of a system is forgotten in the rush to specify and configure. People are the most important consideration.

  • How will they use it?
  • Have we prepared them for the change?
  • Do they have the tools and skills need to adopt effectively and realise the ROI the company is hoping for?

At Bright Affect we recognise the important part change, training and support bring to delivering on the promise of any new software system. Training is often the last thing on the IT project list but can be a single point of failure for the Project if not considered appropriately.

We offer a range of solutions that contribute to the successful delivery of programmes and their on-going improvement. Starting with Consultancy, where our knowledge of the path you’re taking can help you void common pitfalls. Our Change Management team can ensure stakeholders are onside and bought-in to the change, easing the introduction of new systems.

Working with the Consultants and Change Management team, our Training developers will create world-class training which is engaging and designed to maximise adoption. They work closely with the Content Development team, who will design and build the bespoke content that really engages with your employees and teams.

Last, but by no means least, our Configuration team can provide both pre and post implementation services, required by the business.

Partners Not Just Suppliers

We pride ourselves on the fact that once we work with a client, they regard us as a long-term trusted partner, who provide value, do what we say we will do and most importantly, deliver on their adoption goals.

Ways We Can Support You


We deliver exceptional and engaging learning experiences that drive software adoption, enhance team capabilities, and transform businesses through tailored training focussed on user adoption.


Our pragmatic consulting approach delivers high-impact learning programs to drive software adoption, maximize value, and empowers teams to unlock the potential of software investments.

Change Management

We help enable software adoption through expert change management, empowering confident transitions by involving stakeholders to minimize resistance and enable sustainable adoption and transformation.


Whether you’re new to Veeva, or already know it well, we have the right skills to help you. We have a wide range of configuration services available, and can work in a way that suits you.

Content Creation

We provide a vast array of content creation services aimed at producing captivating content. Our team is constantly exploring novel and innovative methods to optimize content engagement.

Working Together in a Way That Supports Your Goals

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