Navigate the Path of Change with Bright Affect

Using a suite of scientifically developed tools help manage the change process and adoption of software platforms into the orginatisation

Change Management

At Bright Affect, we understand that change is a constant in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our change management approach guides organisations through the intricate process of transitioning from the current state to a desired future state. We recognise the importance of involving key stakeholders and minimising resistance to maximise the benefits of change. With our expertise and strategic approach, we empower organisations to navigate the path of change with confidence, ensuring successful and sustainable transformations.

  • Our Change Navigator tool identifies pain points in the change process

  • We identify actionable insight to address points of resistance

  • Regular temperature checks help identify the success of actions

  • Focusing on change management id key to ensure successful software adoption

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Adoption Navigator

The Adoption Navigator tool empowers organisations in their journey towards success. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive framework and a structured approach to guide you through every stage of the change process. From planning and and evaluation the Change Navigator equips you with the insights, resources, and support needed to effectively manage change resistance, and achieve sustainable results.

  • Scientifically developed tool with the University of West England (UWE)

  • Allows you to quickly and easily see the change through the eyes of your workforce

  • Provides powerful and instant insights and strategies to increase engagement

  • Reduces risk and cost, and increases the pace and ease of your change, aiding greater software adoption

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