With the recent implementation of Veeva Vault 24R1, we’ve been exploring some of the platform enhancements and what they might mean for your Vault users.

User Interface & Search

What’s New?

24R1 brings improved findability to Vault Users with the introduction of new filtering options. Users can now more easily view Multi Record and Multi Document workflow tasks when in the Home tab through new options in the Content Type filter. The Content Type filter also provides the ability to view Tasks with multiple items within them alongside legacy and single item tasks.

Object and Document field filters can now be added as columns when in the Grid view and new Version Created By, and Version Created Date filters can be leveraged. An icon will now appear next to Documents when there is a newer version available.

Alongside improved filtering, the All Tabs tab has been relabelled to All.

How will this Help Vault Users?

When filtering for documents using the Content Type filter, Vault displays additional filters based on specific document types to further narrow down the selection, improving efficiency. Column Header Filters are available on many column types and add improved functionality to searching within Object and Document tabs.

The introduction of Version Created By and Version Created Date filters allows Users to filter by who created the latest version, or the date the latest version was created. Vault will only return the latest version of a Document that a User has access to and will not display prior versions even if they meet the criteria. This is particularly useful in scenarios where the original creator of a Document is not the User who now owns the Document.

To help Users distinguish All Tabs from company configured Tab Collections, the option has been moved to the bottom of the list of Tab Collections, relabelled simply as All and given a Globe icon.


What’s New?

The latest release brings improvements to linking within and between Documents and Vaults. Users are now able to filter and sort link targets (documents and anchors) in the Select Anchors dialog based on that user’s recent selections. It is now also possible to CrossLink an existing Crosslink from Documents in one Vault to another, within a single domain.

The new Rendition Profiles page allows Admins to manage the appearance of Documents within Vault. End Users can no longer adjust the appearance of markup in Word, layouts in PowerPoint and watermarks in PDFs. Additionally, HEIC and HEIF files are now rendered in the document viewer. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Overlays, and Signature Pages for these renditions are also supported.

The Document Viewer has been enhanced, and Users can now select text or areas more easily to perform Context Menu actions. If the User has Annotate permissions, on opening the Document Viewer, Annotate Mode will be enabled by default.

How will this help Vault Users?   

For Users that leverage Anchors to link to specific locations within Documents, the User experience has been enhanced. In the Select Anchor dialog box, Users can sort by Recently Selected, displaying the 25 most recently accessed Documents by that User.

The new Admin managed Rendition Profiles page provides additional control, avoiding scenarios where Documents are approved with markup displayed.

Animated HEIC and HEIF files will be rendered in Vault as a Video Rendition, enabling users to better work with these file types, commonly used by camera applications on mobile devices.

Previously, on opening the Document Viewer the Grab button was enabled by default. Enabling annotation functionality by default instead, allows Users to immediately view and create annotations, whilst the Grab function remains available for selection.

Lifecycles and Workflows

What’s New?

New Advanced Start Workflow allows you to refine the selection of Documents or records from any list view and start a multi-record or multi-document workflow from all the available workflows across the different lifecycles and states the records or documents are in.

How will this help Vault Users?

When starting a multi-document or multi-record workflow from a filtered list of items, sometimes Users need a way of grouping those items into subsets, rather than sending them all on the same multi-item workflow together. Advanced Start Workflow allows Users to refine their selection and initiate a workflow. Clicking Finish + Start New Workflow, begins the workflow, and returns the User to the items deselected earlier to send those items on a workflow.

What next?

If you’d like any more information about how these features, or any of the 24R1 enhancements, affect your Vault users, please get in touch.

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