The next Veeva Vault Release, 23R2, is on its way!

As ever, we’ve been looking into some of the enhancements to various Vault applications, and to the Vault platform, which will be implemented by August 11th.

Further details will be released next week but here are some initial take-aways:

There will be enhancements to the record detail page, in particular fixing the lifecycle stages bar. This will be slightly repositioned, and pinned above the sections so that it stays in place, remaining visible as the page scrolls.

The sharing settings feature, which is currently accessed from the record as a menu item, will appear as a section within the record itself. Users will be able to see the relevant record in the title area while they set record-sharing permissions.

In addition, Admins will be able to group relevant sections of a record together, so users have fewer sections to navigate. There will also be updates to the way records can be viewed, with Admins having the ability to create multiple layouts to show a record in different views for different users.

The Display Format feature will allow Admins to configure how a user’s input will be displayed in the Vault UI, different from the raw value entered. For example, raw numbers may display in phone number format, or as a percentage, with the % sign automatically added. All custom fields can be configured as determined by the format mask applied by Admins.

There are also minor enhancements to filtering, document referencing, document modification dates, character limits for annotations and notifications.

In addition to general platform enhancements, there are a range of Application-specific updates, some of which we’ll be exploring in more detail in our next articles.

There is a continued focus on making updates to Vault Mobile, and in particular, users of Veeva Snap should be aware that the iOS mobile app will be deprecated and removed from the Apple App Store with the 23R3 Vault release.

Enhancements to QMS enable Admins to further enhance the 5 Why’s functionality by defining the fields displayed in the UI by Root Cause object type. Updates to the existing Quality Record Check improves the Duplicate Check functionality and provides some usability enhancements that were not incorporated with the initial feature. Templates can now be created, approved and reused to create new Change Action records for existing Change Controls. There are general updates to External, Notification capability as well as enhancements to the QRM: Risk Builder feature.

Two key enhancements to QualityDocs now enable users to collaborate externally on document review and approval tasks as well as the ability to generate QR codes (via a User Action) which can be scanned using the Station Manager application or a camera, giving operators access to the most up to date steady state version of key documentation, in real time.

23R2 will see a new standard Vault to Vault connection to automatically send Study data from a Clinical Operations Vault to a Quality Vault. Other updates are being made to Clinical Operations to improve Search capabilities for TMF Transfer as well as some TMF viewer UI enhancements.

There are some enhancements to Filters and Match Text functionality in PromoMats as well as some minor User Interface (UI) enhancements to MedComms such as the addition of a Save icon in the Medical Inquiry UI which allows for saving progress whilst information is still being entered. Automatic saving prior to adding a new object record, such as an Adverse Event, can also be configured.

With this release, Veeva are giving advanced notice that the next release (23R3) will see some amendments to Binders, in particular limiting the amount of elements (called nodes), such as binders, sections or documents a binder can contain. This will only affect Binders with 10,000 nodes so this update may not have a larger impact on your users, but Veeva recommends updating business process now to prevent binders from accumulating over 10,000 nodes.

Veeva will be contacting Vault owners to inform them of the ID of any binder which may require attention at this stage. From the next release (23R3) this change will apply to all Vaults and existing binders exceeding 10,000 nodes will not be able to be copied or versioned.

We’ll be exploring many of these changes in more detail in the coming weeks so please keep checking back for updates. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, where we will be posting regular updates regarding the release.

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