Vault Quality

With its latest release, Veeva continues to enhance Vault Quality to make it easier to manage quality and maintain compliance.

The updates focus on improving efficiency, compliance, search, and reporting. In this article, we’ve focussed on some of the updates to External Collaboration capabilities in Vault Quality.

Enhanced External Collaboration in QualityDocs and QMS

What’s new?

This expansion of the External Collaboration feature, previously available in the QMS application, allows QualityDocs users to collaborate with external stakeholders on document review and approval tasks more efficiently. When tasks are assigned to an external person, Vault creates or activates a user account with appropriate permissions and claims an external user license. This account is automatically inactivated when both the task has been completed and the document reaches its steady state.

How will this help Vault users?

This feature will help to streamline the collaboration process between organizations and their external stakeholders such as suppliers, who may need infrequent access to Vault, replacing less-efficient current collaboration mechanisms such as email, shared drives, Office 365, or others.

You can find more information and watch a video about this enhancement here.

What’s new?

In addition to increased collaboration functionality in QualityDocs, enhancements to QMS see the introduction of External Collaboration functions into the Investigation, Effectiveness Check and Supplier Change Notifications processes. The External Collaboration toolset allows Vault to automatically invite Contacts at your partner organizations to participate temporarily in a Vault process. Temporary access to only the records they need to operate on (per the configuration of your Vault) is granted and revoked in a similar way, once collaboration is complete.

Dedicated notification templates, specific to the process in which the user is being invited to collaborate, keep them focused and in the loop as to what is expected of them.

How will this help Vault users?

This means that your organization can now allow external participants to be a part of the Investigation process natively: They can receive tasks with due dates (and the associated notifications), and provide their responses to field prompts directly, being able to enter a Root Cause and Summary for Investigations.
This enables faster close-out and mitigates the need for and risks associated with, manual re-entry of responses received from partners.

More information about configuring External Collaboration can be found here.

External Notification Usability Enhancements

What’s new?

In this release, the External Notification capability is being enhanced in two ways: A new Distribution Group Label field and the ability to restrict edit access to the Notification Recipients section of an applicable record.

How will this help Vault users?

This means it’s now easier to configure the External Notification feature, and any associated Formatted Outputs which may be generated to share reports with external users, meaning groups of recipients to be included in a Formatted Output can be more easily identified.

More information about this feature can be found here.

What next?

If you’d like any more information about how these features, or any of the 23R2 enhancements, affect your Vault users, please get in touch.

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