First Veeva Vault Release of 2023

The Veeva Vault Release, 23R1 will be implemented at the end of April. Veeva has now published details of the enhancements included in the release, which covers the different Vault Applications, together with the base Vault Platform.

We have summarised some of the key enhancements that will impact your end users. There are some User Interface (UI) updates, some changes to Working with Documents, and Lifecycles and Workflows, including further enhancements to Multi-Record Workflows.

Tab Collections

Across the Vault Platform, admins can now enable the Tab Collection feature which enables users to display relevant tabs based on different use cases, such as tabs for certain roles or tasks. Each Vault allows up to 50 custom tabs to be created. This feature streamlines the navigation process by enabling customisation for ease of access.

Working with Documents

With Working with Documents, there are updates to the Save Link Type Selection function. This means that when a user creates a link annotation on a document, Vault now pre-selects their most recently selected link type in Vaults where more than one link type is available, making the link annotation process more efficient.

Other updates when Working with Documents include improved Glossary Usability Enhancements, building on the introduction of the Glossary function in the 22R3 release, as well as enhancements to Signature Page Generation. When Uploading Documents, files can now be uploaded directly to a placeholder via drag and drop, and there have been some UI updates relating to icons and typography, making it easier to see the status of document uploads.


There is a continued focus on enhancing Multi-Record Object Workflows relating to removing signatures and removing matching records, which will streamline the process.

  • For workflows on the Active Workflows home page, the workflow start date and workflow version are now visible.
  • For object workflows, the workflow version is now visible in the workflow timeline on the object record page. This helps workflow owners and administrators understand which version of the configuration is being used for the active workflow.


Enhancing Search and Filter capabilities is a continued feature of the Veeva Vault releases. 23R1 provides for Improved Name Searching and the ability to Include Search Criteria in Exports to Excel.

Brand Portal

23R1 sees some significant improvements to the Brand Portal User Interface. Portal users can experience the new homepage, which provides a modernized look and feel.

The Portal refresh provides a more intuitive experience allowing users to find their content quicker. Admins benefit from a refreshed administration interface, allowing multi-document select, rich text support, further customization options, and other subtle yet essential enhancements.

This improvement is currently an opt-in experience and will be auto-on for all customers in 23R3.

Modular Content

This release introduces the Modular Content Document Info Panel to better inform MLR reviewers of the approved Content Modules used in a document. This Document Info Panel allows users to visualize where their Content Modules and individual Content Module Assets are located within documents by using a combination of Suggested Link and manual link annotations.

The Modular Content Document Info Panel also enables users to find previously approved content within their documents by allowing users to interact with the annotations directly from the panel.

Suggested Links

Other features relating to PromoMats include Enhanced Suggest Links within Content Modules and Increased Matching Flexibility for Enhanced Suggest Links, both of which improve performance.

We’ll be exploring many of these changes in more detail in the coming weeks so please keep checking back for updates. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, where we will be posting regular updates regarding the release.

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