We’ve been exploring some of the enhancements and what they might mean for your Vault users.

In advance of the implementation of 22R3, we’ve been looking into some of the key changes you can expect to see. Here, we explore some more features that may impact your Vault users.

Multi-Record Workflows

22R3 sees the extension of the Multi-Record workflow feature, giving users the ability to send multiple object records (e.g. Claims) on a single workflow.

What’s new?

This feature enables up to 100 records from the same object to be sent on a single workflow.

The workflows can be initiated from the Object Tab, Related Lists, Favourites and Saved Views.

Multi-Object Workflow Screenshot

How will this Help Vault Users?

This feature will significantly increase productivity by streamlining the ability to start and manage workflows for multiple objects at the same time.

The ability to manage multiple objects from within a single Task, for example when approving documents, will greatly improve the user experience for Task participants.

Learn more about about Object Workflows.

Multi-Document Viewer

This feature makes several user experience enhancements to the multi-document viewer screen for users completing workflow tasks.

What’s new?

The left sidebar now supports the ability to filter the multiple document list for easy location. Infinite scrolling through the sidebar enhances this feature.

Further enhancements include a Provide Verdict button to open a dialogue box to enable users to provide verdicts on documents in a more efficient way. This flexible feature changes the open dialogue box to match that of the selected document, when selected from the side menu, rather than having to open each document individually.

The dialogue box provides the ability to paginate through documents in the workflow, utilizing an efficient Apply & Next feature to efficiently apply verdicts to multiple documents.

Users can also scroll through the document and metadata windows in the background, behind the dialogue box, to check details of the document, whilst keeping the dialogue box open.

Multi-Document UI Changes Screenshot

How will this Help Vault Users?

This feature makes it significantly easier and more user-friendly for Task participants to work with multiple documents, thus increasing productivity and streamlining the user experience.


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