We’ve been looking into some of the Veeva Vault enhancements. Here, we’ve highlighted some more features that may impact your Vault users.

Suggest Links Enhancements

22R3 sees some great enhancements to the Suggest Links function.

What’s new?

Veeva Vault Release Suggest Links EnhancementsFor PromoMats users who use Claims and/or Modular Content, there have been several changes to the Claims capability, including significant improvements to the Suggest Links function. Enhanced Suggest Links now utilises the powerful Search function within Vault, for better matching results.

Improved capability includes:

  • Use of the document’s Country, Product and Language values to pinpoint the search criteria.
  • The search supports multiple Country and Product values.
  • Searching up to 10,000 records based on the search criteria. Currently only 500 records are searched.
  • Use of Match Text Variations to return a greater range of more accurate results.

This is a new feature, separate from the previous Suggest Links function, which is now referred to as Platform Suggest Links, and which it is anticipated will ultimately be replaced by the new functionality.

In addition, 22R3 sees the introduction of a Suggest Links lifecycle entry option, offering more automation in the content lifecycle process. This process can also be activated manually using the Run Suggest Links option, which is now located in the Actions menu.

How will this Help Vault Users?

This new feature will significantly improve efficiency and accuracy of the Claims function,  since only documents with matching Country, Product and Language values will be returned.

The ability to build this function into a document lifecycle builds rigour into the process, whilst being able to manually enable multiple Suggest Link searches on a single document, increases flexibility.

This function will need to be turned on by Admins but will not require any migration of existing Claims.

Learn more about Enhanced Suggest Links.


Smartphone with Veeva NotificationsThis feature adds a Read and Unread status for each web notification.

What’s new?

Users of both Desktop and Vault Mobile can now mark unread notifications as Read from the Notifications panel and Notifications page.

Unread Notifications are highlighted in blue and can be manually marked as Read.

How will this Help Vault Users?

This means you should never miss an alert, making it easier to stay on top of Tasks and other notifications within Vault.



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