We’ve been exploring some of the enhancements and what they might mean for your Vault users.

Glossary Terms

One great feature of 22R3 is the new Glossary Terms button on the Document Information page.

What’s new?

Veeva Vault Glossary ScreenshotThis feature allows users to select text in a document and search for approved Glossary definitions. Search results include up to 5 matching Glossary definitions in the user’s preferred language. If none are available, up to 5 results in English area displayed.

This allows users with View Content permission to search definitions for commonly used terms, directly in the document view panel. Users can copy the term and definition for easy sharing.

More precise definitions appear above less precise ones when search results are displayed, ensuring the user is directed towards the most accurate match

The library of Glossary definitions can be built by Admins and related to each other for the purpose of language matching. An external search engine can also be configured for the Glossary panel, enabling users to look up defined terms with a single click.

Admins can also view and report on Glossary activity using a new Glossary Events object.

How will this Help Vault Users?

This will be a useful feature when reviewing and approving documents. The ability to check meanings against approved Glossary terms helps reviewers ensure the document is accurate and conveys the right messaging.

The ability to build Glossary definitions and to configure specific search engines means you can be sure users are accessing accurate and controlled definitions of key terms.

It also enables users with View Content permissions to check their understanding of the content of documents, for example when completing Read and Understood tasks.

Learn more about the Glossary.

Precision Highlighter

Another great feature is the new Precision Highlighter which enhances search capabilities in Vault.

What’s new?

Precision Highlighter ScreenshotSearch results will now return inflected forms. For example, when searching for ‘treatment’, Vault will now return results containing ‘treatment’, ‘treated’, ‘treatable’ and ‘treat’, with the matching term highlighted. Plurals, tense and comparatives are interchangeable when conducting the search.

Similarly, the search function also now returns synonyms and highlights the related term in the results. For example, searching for ‘heart attack’ will also return results containing the term ‘myocardial infarction’, if that is a related term in the thesaurus.

How will this Help Vault Users?

Inclusion of these highlighted terms will give the user immediate visibility of the relevance of the returned results.

It also enables users to readily determine the similarities in the returned search, thus making it much easier to locate required documents.

If you’d like any more information about how these features, or any of the 22R3 enhancements, affect your Vault users, please get in touch.

We will be creating further articles exploring the features in more detail so please keep checking back for updates. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, where we will be posting regular updates regarding the release.

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