The need for effective digital asset management and stricter compliance in life sciences marketing is greater than ever before.

Regulations, legacy technology, and multiple systems have, and continue to create content management challenges for teams in organisations of all sizes – from global pharmaceuticals companies to emerging biotech businesses.

More than 200 life sciences companies in over 165 countries are overcoming these challenges. For these forward-thinking innovators, change is well underway – and Veeva Vault PromoMats is their change-enabler.

What is Veeva Vault PromoMats?

Vault PromoMats is a commercial content and digital asset management platform. Combining content creation, review and distribution functionalities with digital asset management, Vault PromoMats is the only solution of its kind built solely for the life sciences industry.

Now, content can be reviewed and approved with ease. Moreover, content distribution and withdrawal across multiple channels gives you the three things that form the modus operandi of any successful, modern life sciences marketing team: complete visibility, total control and agility.

The Challenges of Deployment

But, as is commonplace with the adoption of any new software, system or solution, implementing a new digital asset management platform is bound to come with the occasional operational or organisational challenge. These could include:

User Migration from Other Platforms

If your team(s) is currently using a system like Zinc MAPS, for example, they’re probably going to need some expert guidance when making the transition to Vault PromoMats as efficiently as possible.

Resistance to Change

It’s an age-old barrier to rolling out innovative solutions to more traditional and often long-standing business processes. Especially for employees who have used a particular system for a number of years, a fundamental change to the way they have to work can often be met with resistance.

Global Implementations

A worldwide implementation of anything – from software solutions to marketing campaigns – is potentially problematic, often due to the sheer number of stakeholders involved in making the implementation a success. Multiple geographies, time zones, and language variations are all potential challenges that need to be carefully considered.

Local vs. Global Requirements

The requirements of local and global marketing teams can often differ, sometimes wildly. The ability to achieve global consistency in tandem with local differentiation is a critical creative consideration when deploying a new digital asset management system.

Why Training is Critically Important

Ultimately, only you can decide whether you or your team need the training to use Vault PromoMats. Before you go away and make that decision, though, there’s something you should think about.

The real success of your deployment is almost entirely dependent on the ability of those within your organisation to actually use Vault PromoMats – and to use it properly.

These users, therefore, hold the key to the real value of Vault PromoMats. Expert training from qualified instructors will give them the tools, knowledge and know-how they need to unlock this value.

Whether it’s through face-to-face training sessions, eLearning, online webinars or surgeries, our expert training will enable:

Alignment with your Change Management Initiative

Organisational change management is intrinsically linked to successful systems implementation. With this said, ensuring your change management initiative is fully-aligned with deployment of Vault PromoMats is vital to the overall success of the system roll-out.

Two-Way Communication

Training provides a clear channel for two-way communication. It’s an open forum for new users to ask questions, discuss potential barriers, and get real-time responses paired with practical demonstrations and instruction.

Platform Adoption & Knowledge

If you can’t drive, you don’t get behind the wheel of a car, do you? Well, not without supervision from someone who knows how, anyway. Without the training needed to use Vault PromoMats properly, there’s a good chance users within your organisation won’t feel comfortable or confident enough to actually use it – hindering overall, organisation-wide platform adoption.

Practice in a Controlled Environment

Sticking with the driving analogy, just as your driving instructor once took you to a car park to practice clutch control on your first driving lesson, our team of instructors will do the same. Your users will be able to practice using Vault PromoMats in a safe and secure environment under expert supervision.