A Suite of Synergised Services

Our range of comprehensive services will help you successfully implement your programmes, maximising adoption and providing on-going continuous improvement and support capabilities

We started off as a team of individuals looking to provide software training solutions. It soon dawned on us that training is intrinsically linked to many other facets to successfully deliver programmes and maximise adoption throughout the organisation.

Our teams have substantial business experience, with backgrounds in Sales, Marketing, IT and Customer Service that are focussed on your success. If you succeed, we succeed.

We pride ourselves on the fact that once we work with a client, they regard us as a long-term trusted partner, who provide value, do what we say we will do and most importantly, deliver!

We offer a range a services, that contribute to the successful delivery of programmes and also the on-going improvement of those programmes. Starting with Consultancy, we have the expertise in delivering large scale IT projects, where business users are impacted. Linked to this, our Change Management team can ensure stakeholders are onside and managed through the process of adopting new processes and systems.

Working with the Consultants and Change Management team, our Training team will develop world class training which is engaging and designed to maximise adoption. They work closely with the Content Development team, who will create the bespoke content that really engages with your employees and teams.

Last, but by no means least, our Configuration team can provide both pre and post implentation services, required by the business.