Ahead of the implementation of Veeva Vault 23R2 next month, we’ve been exploring some of the platform enhancements and what they might mean for your Vault users.

Working with Documents

Veeva have made a number of enhancements which will improve functionality when working with documents.

What’s new?      

When viewing up to 50 documents in the External Viewer, users now have a Download All option, if enabled. Users receive a ZIP file containing viewable renditions or source files of their documents.

The External Viewer is often used to send documents to non-Vault users and will streamline their experience when reviewing large numbers of documents, making collaborative working more efficient.

How will this Help Vault Users?

This will be a useful feature when collaborating externally, meaning non-Vault users will be able to view larger numbers of documents, in a more efficient way.

Common uses for sending multiple documents to external users via the External Viewer, include sending Response Packages in MedInquiry, Approved Email in Medical and PromoMats and Safety Distribution via SiteConnect.

You can learn more about the External Viewer here, and more about further enhancements to Working with Documents by clicking here.

Lifecycle and Workflow

Another new feature is an update to notifications relating to workflow ownership.

What’s new?

Vault will now automatically send a notification when a workflow owner is replaced on an active workflow.

The notification is sent to both the previous workflow owner and the new workflow owner.

Admins can update the template language used for these notifications, thus customising messaging according to business requirements.

How will this Help Vault Users?

This enhancement will ensure that both the previous and new workflow owners are aware of a change in ownership without needing to communicate this outside of Vault, improving efficiency and clarity of communication.

Search and Filtering

What’s new?

When a user filters on a field that references a user (such as Created By), Vault now provides the Current User option to dynamically filter search results by the current logged-in user.

This enhancement allows customers to create views and tabs that only include results relevant to the user performing the search. The Current User option is available as a filter value on all user-related fields within documents or records.

How will this Help Vault Users?

Users are now able to create custom views which relate only to the products they own. For example, if a Vault has a Product Owner field that references users on the Product record, an Admin could create a Saved View that filters on Product Owner = Current User.

This new filtering functionality will make is easier and more efficient for users to locate products, documents and records they created.

You can learn more about creating custom views here.

What next?

If you’d like any more information about how these features, or any of the 23R2 enhancements, affect your Vault users, please get in touch.

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