Successful training should be both effective and memorable.  Conducting refresh training can be just as important as the initial launch training.  It reinforces the initial learning and gives employees a chance to have used the new software on a day to day basis before asking further questions to build their understanding in the real world.

It is crucial that employers do not make the mistake of thinking training is just a one-time deal but view it as an ongoing activity to help continuously improve employee performance.  As Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM once said: “There is no saturation point in education”.

Key reasons why refresh training is so important include:

Staying up to date

In a world of constant change, tweaks and updates continually improve any businesses software but it is vital any changes are rolled out to the users


Even with the most successful implementation and upfront training, once using the software it is common for employees to run into various roadblocks during daily operations. Refresh training allows employees an opportunity to feedback areas where additional or advanced training is required

Boosting moral

Employees will enhance their skills and competency at work which in turn will help increase their confidence in their role.

Reinforcing the learning

Learning something new can be an overwhelming challenge as the process can be lengthy and confusing – it is also human nature to forget things! Refresh training reinforces key messages to help employees perform their daily tasks more efficiently. Don’t wait to be asked, it won’t happen – employees generally don’t like to ask for help for fear of drawing attention to inadequacies.

Increase business profitability

Uneducated employees can cost you more money than the investment taken in appropriate training to correctly educate them on your software.

Ensure your workforce are optimising their use of the software you paid to install and you will see a greater return on your investment.

In summary, a successful refresh training course should be simple and provide employees with a summary of the key topics from the initial training which will in turn enhance their knowledge and improve recall.  It is also the perfect forum to provide employees with a problem-solving session where they can talk about the key challenges faced in their daily activities and share successes with their peers.

At Bright Affect we specialise in delivering a combination of training programmes to suit individual Company needs.  Experience has taught us that our methods of training are in sync with the modern learner and we are able to deliver whatever type of content they need from the traditional classroom style to more sophisticated and evolving e-learning. This ranges from embedded training videos and guided access learning to gamification that can enhance the employee’s engagement.