In 2020, the Zinc MAPS commercial content management solution will find itself confined to digital history books. Replacing it will be the more innovative, more agile, and more versatile Veeva Vault PromoMats platform.

The impending switch might be just around the corner, but does your organisation currently have a plan to successfully migrate from Zinc to Veeva Vault PromoMats?

Time is very much of the essence and, like with any significant change to software systems or internal processes, there are numerous moving parts that need orchestrating, to ensure they work in harmony for an efficient and seamless migration.

As part of your planning to migrate from Zinc to Veeva Vault PromoMats, there are three critical considerations that should be top of your migration checklist:

✓ Change Management

✓ Prioritisation and importance of training

 Understanding of Vault PromoMats benefits vs. Zinc

Change Management

You’re on the cusp of big change or maybe already in transition. It can be daunting, especially when you take into consideration the plethora of process, usability and workflow enhancements migrating to Vault PromoMats will provide. We need to remember that change is good, especially when managed well.

What is needed is a pragmatic and positive approach to managing this system migration. Change Management and its four key pillars are critical if you’re going to prepare, equip and support stakeholders to successfully adopt this change.

Securing that all important stakeholder buy-in, in particular, has the potential to either make or break your Vault PromoMats migration. Resistance to change from stakeholders, including system users who’ll be utilising Vault PromoMats regularly, is likely and potentially problematic. This needs to be managed effectively.

Whilst your Change Management initiative needs to be robust and practical, an approach with a degree of subtlety will enable you to get the buy-in from key stakeholders you need, to deliver a successful business transition.

Prioritisation of Training

Not only is training key in the change management process, it’s also critical in the migration to and deployment of Vault PromoMats. In its Vault PromoMats migration blueprint, Veeva highlights training as the all-important final step, before pushing the proverbial ‘go live’ button.

Training is critical whenever any new system is implemented., since users need to know how to use the new system in order to be effective. If you skip training do not be surprised if your Return on Investment (ROI) is diminished.

High volumes of new users (potentially spread across multiple geographies), resistance to change, different local and global requirements, and bias towards other platforms (like Zinc), are just a few of the challenges training can help to overcome.

It also promotes and facilitates:

  • Effective Two-Way Communication: The irony of having so many different ways to communicate in today’s digitised world is that things often get lost in translation. Training will encourage effective two-way communication throughout the whole organisation, breaking down barriers and resistance to change.
  • Platform Adoption & Advocacy: A lack of adoption and advocacy are amongst the biggest catalysts of failure in software migrations. Training is absolutely imperative if you’re going to drive the user adoption and advocacy you need to make the transition a success.
  • Practice in a Controlled Environment: Practice makes perfect. Just like learning to drive a car, adequate training is required before users set off on the road to using the Vault PromoMats system independently and effectively.

Still on the fence about the importance of training?

There’s a powerful quote from Henry Ford:

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay”

Next-Gen Document Management

Veeva has built on Zinc’s blueprint by enhancing the platform offering with tools that are perfectly aligned with a more modern way of working. Vault PromoMats is also the culmination of Veeva’s ambition to provide expansive asset management and a streamlined compliance workflow.

While you’re probably pretty well versed on what migrating to Vault PromoMats means for you and your organisation, let’s recap on a few of the key benefits you’ll be tapping into post-migration:

  • Powerful and Enhanced Search Capability
  • Bespoke Filtering which can be saved to create personalised views
  • Variety of Views:
  • Superior File Storage
  • Better Brand Management
  • End-to-End Audit Trail

Vault PromoMats: Loading…

There’s a German word, Torschlusspanik, which is essentially the panic or fear of an imaginary gate or door closing.

When you’re approaching an age that you’d expected to reach a particular milestone in your life, you enter a mad rush to get whatever it may be done and ticked off before the door slams shut.

But, Torschlusspanik isn’t going to get you anywhere. Moreover, it’s unnecessary.

There’s still plenty of time for you to get your house in order: to galvanise your stakeholders using a well planned Change Management approach, to prioritise training and, ultimately, prepare yourself properly for your transition to Vault PromoMats.

The end might be nigh for Zinc MAPS, but it’s just the beginning of your migration to pastures new. And we want to be a part of your journey.