Bright Affect deliver training and business development services that help our customers extract maximum value from their technology deployments leveraging face to face and cloud based learning solutions. Click on a solution below:
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Guided Access
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Our approach is to:

Assess – Truly understand the clients goals, needs and objectives

Configure – Work with stakeholders to build the right solution

Develop – Develop assets to support deployment of the learning solution

Deliver – A complete, engaging and effective knowledge transfer to build competence

Reinforce – Ongoing support, not a “point” activity

Measure – Tracking progress at every stage provides real insight into effectiveness

Refresh – Continuously evolve and improve to provide ongoing value

Bright Affect Learning Library

The Learning Library is a content delivery engine available right where the sales team need it most, integrated into their CRM system. We provide a custom application that integrates with Veeva and to deliver high impact training to support change and assist adoption. The Learning Library allows Bright Affect training to go beyond the traditional “online slide show”. We provide studio quality web based learning that engages the user. Not only does it look great, capturing the attention of the student, but it’s developed around the business application, not just which buttons need pressing.

We lead the user through a logical, role based learning path which can be followed at their pace. The materials can be used linearly, or for top-up/refresh training in specific areas.

Our catalogue of training modules means where maximising budget is top priority, off the shelf training can be used. More bespoke offerings for specific customer configurations are created on demand.

Throughout, the goal is to leverage the highest production values to deliver engaging training which immerses the end user in the application leading them to truly understanding its use in the context of their role – building understanding not simply learning by rote – this level of understanding empowers confidence and self development leading to continuous efficiency improvement.

The modular approach lends itself to refresh training or selective training for the effective on boarding of new users, or those who need less depth of understanding in the system, or will use only specific functions – such as marketing users or office based personnel.

Built into the learning management system are detailed analytics allowing you to track just how the system is being used, or not, on a user-by-user basis. Giving you the insight you need into how well it’s being used, the impact on adoption and any potential refinements required to make the learning experience even more effective.

Choose from “off the shelf” library of content for rapid, cost effective learning, or develop customer modules that exactly match your configuration.

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Learning Assistant (iPad application)

There’s no denying it, the work is going mobile. Smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous. As a result, it’s important that training and learning content addresses the mobility of our technology and is available on the move. We have developed a companion App’ for our online learning solution that gives our customers users the capability to access studio grade training tools on the go. A simple app’ delivers high quality content when and where you need it.

The Bright Affect mobile assistant allows users to stream video training content and view documents on the go. Offline? No problem. We recognise that despite advances in connectivity, it’s not always possible to have a great connection. And when are you most likely to need to access training? When you’re not connected. That’s why with the simple flick of a switch your users can download the content to their tablet for use anytime, anywhere.

Simple and elegant, making use of the multi-tasking capability of mobile operating systems allows users to pause what they’re doing, review the training content and then return to the tools they’re using without losing any work. Our mobile application makes a great companion to our online tools, supporting your users, reducing support calls, and acting as a virtual trainer after you have gone live with a new system. Always on, always there providing users the information they need, when they need it.

Download the Learning Assistant factsheet

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Guided Access

Managing software training can be a challenge for trainers. Students can often go “off piste” making it difficult for trainers to manage the class. Our “guided access” solutions provide safe, and contained environments that ensure the students follow a logical path through the learning. For the tutor it provides confidence that the training session will be free from configuration issues as they know exactly what will happen at each stage of the training delivery. The confidence of the trainer leads to enhanced confidence of the user. And confidence is the key to adoption.

Our guided access learning solutions are popular with trainers and students alike as they result in highly effective classes that reduce the length of training sessions, reduce the time to efficiency for users and can also be used for self-paced learning.

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First Line Support

Once you go-live with a new technology solution, there will always be questions. Bright Affect provide a first line support service that puts the needs of the user at its heart. We’ve been through new technology deployment’s and understand how frustrating it can be for field teams when they can’t access the tools they need, or complete their work. We believe technology should enhance the user experience not get in the way. That’s why we provide support by a team who understand the needs of your users.

We provide multiple access points for support from self-service web tools to phone support. However your team prefer to get answers, we’re there, closing issues quickly and building confidence in your technology investment, supporting adoption and driving efficiency.

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Bright Affect was born because we see opportunities every day to do things better. At our core we believe that simplicity is the key to efficiency. That’s why we are bringing many years of experience together to build solutions to training, support, consulting and communications challenges that are simple, effective and measurable.

Our consultants have decades of experience of training, sales and marketing that enable us to develop training, sales, marketing and channel development programmes that will make a real difference to your business. We’ve all seen what works and what doesn’t and can guide you to make the most of your budget, and resources to deliver real results.

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