Online learning

The learning content you receive goes way beyond the traditional ‘online slide show’. We provide studio quality web based learning that engages the user. Not only does it look great, capturing the attention of the student, but it’s developed around the business application, not just which buttons need pressing.
We lead the user through a logical, role based learning path which can be followed at their pace. The materials can be used linearly, or for top-up/refresh training in specific areas.

Our catalogue of training modules gives the flexibility to minimise cost with “off the shelf training”. More bespoke offerings for specific customer configurations are created on demand.

Throughout, the goal is to leverage the highest production values to deliver engaging content which immerses the end user in the application leading them to truly understanding its use in the context of their role – building understanding not simply learning by rote – this level of understanding empowers confidence and self development leading to continuous efficiency improvement.

The modular approach lends itself to refresh training or selective training for the effective on boarding of new users, or those who need less depth of understanding in the system, or will use only specific functions – such as marketing users or office based personnel.

Built into the learning management system are detailed analytics allowing you to track just how the system is being used, or not, on a by user basis. Giving you the insight you need into how well it’s being used, the impact on adoption and any potential refinements required to make the learning experience even more effective.



Bright Affect deliver training services that help Veeva customers extract maximum value from their deployment leveraging face to face and cloud based learning solutions.

Assess – Truly understand the clients goals, needs and objectives

Configure – Work with stakeholders to build the right solution

Develop – Develop assets to support deployment of the learning solution

Deliver – A complete, engaging and effective knowledge transfer to build competence

Reinforce – Ongoing support, not a “point” activity

Measure – Tracking progress at every stage provides real insight into effectiveness

Refresh – Continuously evolve and improve to provide ongoing value

Face to face training
Our focus on learning not just training means we are are committed to ensuring end users can be effective in their jobs. We make sure the tools support the business and are not an overhead or adding to the burden of the user.

We focus on key requirements ensuring EVERYONE comes along and understands the “why” as well as the “how”.

An understanding of our customers business means we can build inclusive and immersive training solutions that are beyond the “click here” and press this button. Training is built to involve the end users, and lead to commitment and ongoing self improvement as a result of understanding, not simply remembering. This involves building an understanding of the application into the training, not just which buttons to press.

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