Supporting change through learning

Veeva LogoAt Bright Affect we believe many things can be made better. We see opportunities every day to improve the way people communicate, learn and do business.
We are a learning and knowledge management provider that deliver engaging, high impact training leading to successful adoption, increased utilisation and lower time to efficiency for end users.
At the core of our business are learning solutions and applications built on and Veeva along with mobile Apps that deliver high quality, engaging, learning content.
Deliver learning, not just training
Maximise time to value of software deployment
Leverage multiple media to accelerate understanding
Support organisational change with learning
Accelerating adoption and realising business benefit

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Online learning

Integrated online offerings and clever, customised training materials.


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“Software is linear, a series of steps that can be difficult for people to remember. Our approach builds understanding and retention that helps users gain confidence and competence in an engaging way.”

Dale Peters CEO, Bright Affect

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